Putman BV is the installation specialist for getting your industrial air-conditioning system working in the most effective way, and keeping it working. Our large field service team leaves our offices in Noordwijk every day to carry out the required maintenance for our clients. Since all our departments are housed in one building, the lines of communication are short and we can act rapidly. In addition, Putman BV has all of the necessary certifications and knowledge to deal with jobs of any size.

Whether your project is large or small, we have the solution and the right systems for your (company’s) climate control needs. Naturally, we discuss these solutions with you in advance and these should be in keeping with your company. All our systems meet the most stringent quality requirements and fulfil your needs.

A good indoor climate is required for making considerable improvements to the comfort, wellbeing and health of you and your colleagues. We provide this for new-build projects, existing buildings and renovation projects. We complete all our projects using proven and high-quality products which are fully in line with the customer’s requirements.

Ventilation technology

Sanitary technology

Heating technology

Swimming pool technology

Cooling technology

Solar power

Putman BV places high regard on sustainability. Aside from the fact that our measures contribute considerably to a better environment, you often gain savings of over 50% on your annual energy costs. These measures include heat pumps, solar panels and heat recovery. After surveying your premises and noting your preferences, we advise you on the possible solutions. Combining the chosen solution with our Building Management Systems (BMS) ensures that we can monitor the solution remotely. This means that we are always aware of any malfunctions and can take the necessary steps.

Alongside ‘standard’ business premises, we also have a large customer portfolio with restaurants, shops, hotels and many other types of buildings. For more references or information on the types of buildings that we provide systems for, please feel free to contact us.

24/7 service is standard at Putman BV. We have over 30 technicians in our field service which means we can rapidly get the right expert on site.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact us using the contact form below. Naturally, you can also reach us by telephone on +31 71 3619210.