Large-scale and complex mechanical engineering installations

Putman has been the installation specialist in the Randstad conurbation for over 75 years. We are based in attractive premises in Noordwijk and have all of the necessary services under one roof. These include a warehouse, experienced project managers, a large field service and a professional design office. We have everything under one roof to provide companies and individuals with a comprehensive package in the fields of air-conditioning, sanitary, cooling and industrial installations.

Putman BV guarantees innovative, sustainable, high-quality and reliable installations. We focus fully on improving and/or maintaining your comfort at home and work.

One of Putman BV’s real strengths is the efficient cooperation between the various departments. Each situation has a different approach and/or solution, which we can handle rapidly. Furthermore, we believe that a personalised approach with a regular contact person is an important consideration in building systems engineering. Our employees are able to clearly explain in plain language how they will solve a situation.

We believe that continued development and innovation is essential. We closely follow the latest proven technologies and apply these in the right places. We treat every job with care, whatever the size!