Temporary Amsterdam District Court

The temporary district court is made up of the temporary new building covering approximately 5,400 m2 on the site of the existing Parnas Complex on Parnassusweg together with the existing towers E and F. A large number of court matters will be conducted on the same premises during the five years in which new, permanent accommodation is being developed.


During the occupation period, essential court procedures will take place in the temporary premises of Amsterdam District Court. This also means that high demands are placed on the temporary premises. For instance, conditions on matters such as equipment, complex logistics, acoustics, comfort and safety and security applied in full.

Putman installed an advanced air-conditioning system. We opted to install a BaOpt air-conditioning system (www.baopt.nl) for the court rooms in addition to a traditional system. The user is fully satisfied with the operation of the system and it provides a comfortable environment in the court rooms without any conspicuous air inlet grids and perceptible air currents.

For the cooling and heating, we opted for an air-to-water heat pump that is connected to the district heating system. We developed the control engineering in conjunction with Kieback & Peter. The entire system can be controlled and monitored using a building management system.

The temporary Amsterdam District Court was crowned the winner of the Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2017 (Gouden A.A.P.) by the expert panel. For further information and the expert panel’s report, see Arcam’s website.

Date: 6 June 2017