Conversion of former Anatomy and Pathology buildings

Putman BV converted the former anatomy and pathology buildings at Leiden University into accommodation buildings in conjunction with Coen Hagendoornbouw.

Stichting Universitaire Woonwijk Boerhaave commissioned the construction of 168 apartments in the former anatomy building, 92 of which were in the old building and 76 in the new building (tower block). Coen Hagendoorn constructed 125 apartments in the former pathology building by itself.

The new building is a tower block that was constructed beside the anatomy building. The heritage aspect of the existing buildings was conserved. The apartments provide accommodation for different groups of residents, such as researchers and PhD students. The old section was restored and fully modernised inside, in the same style as the new-build towers.

A refurbishment plan was developed in consultation with the Department for Heritage Conservation (Dienst Monumenten) and an architect specialised in restoration. That means a level of comfort in the heritage building that is comparable to a new building. The former courtyard gardens were also restored and are now a central meeting area for residents. New modifications to the buildings, such as restaurant and catering facilities, an outdoor space and new entrance doors are clearly distinguished through the use of materials.

ClimaRad 2.0 radiators were chosen for the renovation and construction of the anatomy building. B-Fans were also installed for air extraction in the bathrooms. The advantage of the Smart Solution in this project is that the units occupy little space. This is a real boon for a complex building such as this one with so many different rooms. It is also interesting that the feed-through conduit in the new-build section has been incorporated behind the slatted partition. This splendid project shows that ClimaRad is also perfect for heritage buildings and simple to use.

A sustainable solution was chosen for heat generation. Both buildings are connected to the district heating system. Each apartment has its own decentralised unit for generating warm tap water.

Client: Coen Hagendoorn

Date: 6 June 2017